abided in a sentence

Sentence with the word abided

It would be unfair to say that Indians as a whole have simply abided by the situation.

A placer camp he knew was ephemeral, while a quartz camp abided, and he kept a score of men in the quest for months.

Again Saxon felt the loving benediction that abided in his face, his eyes, his hands -- toward which she involuntarily dropped her eyes.

Each country has it own laws, whether it is immigration, taxation, terrorism, etc. which MUST be abided by local and foreigners alike.

We always paid taxes, we always abided by the law, and we always lived just as normal citizens would have lived.

Biden, asked later whether he thought the generals had bought into this approach or had just abided by it, said that "maybe a couple abided, but I think they bought into it."

But it argued the legislation was important to ensure conservative Muslims abided by the country's staunch separation of church and state, as well as for security reasons and to defend women's rights.

On a personal level, Ms. Lambert abided by a simple style mantra: "Get your look and stick with it," which for her meant a turban, Leon Paule tunics and pants, a crocodile Herm├Ęs Kelly bag and Belgian loafers.

I abided by every single rule and I was very polite when I spoke.

Yeltsin, although furious, abided by the decision and the individuals were released.

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  • Sentence for "abided"
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  • Synonym for "abided"
    • stay, dwell, sojourn, continue, remain
  • Verb Forms for "abided"
    • abidden, abided, abides, abiding, abode
  • Phrases for "abided"
    • agency abided, have abided, be abided, was abided
  • Rhyme for "abided"
    • Clyde, Eid, Hyde, Outside, Pride
  • Cross Reference for "abided"
    • to abide by
  • Etymologically Related for "abided"
    • abide by
  • Same Context for "abided"
    • residence, dwell, haunt, habitation, eternal
  • Variant for "abided"
    • abode
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