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Sentence with the word abet

* The proposed five-year sentence for those who "abet" a same-sex relationship is greater than the punishment stipulated in the bill for those who enter into a "same gender marriage."

The proposed five-year sentence for those who "abet" a same-sex relationship is greater than the punishment stipulated in the bill for those who enter into a "same gender marriage."

And the very first item is talking about how the Army is aiding and abetting (did you catch their use of the word "abet"?

They aid and abet, with tax money from our government.

We've looked at every civilian assistance program and contract and we've said, 'look, we're not going to just aid and abet bad behavior.'

"It will likely mark a turning point in the government's effort to pursue those who aid and abet organized crime and mark a new low for public trust in the government's ability to address the problem."

Thus, the President argued a limited moral case for the merits of the war, a projection of force in self-defense against those who would harbor, aid, and abet those who attacked us.

But a vote for him will aid and abet a Democratic leadership that's hell bent on an expansion of government that's a radical departure from the nation's bedrock principles and ruinous in its economic implications.

It is high time we put an end to or radically reform environments that aid and abet such behavior.

LIEBERMAN COULD BE THE DECIDING VOTE IN THE 112TH CONGRESS - The Hill's J.T. Rushing anticipates a charred, post-apocalyptic legislative wasteland where even resolutions acknowledging the contributions of Boys and Girls Club volunteers are held up for months so one light bulb-headed man can take more time to mull over how it will aide and abet Hezbollah.

What has to follow is the carefully foreseen and planned dependence on conglomerates such as the media, to systematically aid and abet the most crucifying part of this ghoulishness and this is, psychological terrorism.

Those who aid and abet terrorism by hanging on too, coat-tailing and dispensing (becoming messengers) is exactly what they depend on.

If only Yale would rediscover the essential elements of liberal education, it would be well within its capabilities to protect all students' civil rights while ensuring that the university does not abet the great menace to educational opportunity in our era: the cultivation of an environment hostile to liberty of thought and discussion.

He said this means Sudan's government cannot aid, abet or support international terrorist groups.

I doubt that a man who cheats with his own ballot will resist the temptation to aid and abet cheating by others.

I love it and it is still going, abet not so strong!

But to give in to that fear is to aid and abet this epidemic's grueling progression.

That has lifted the fetters for lawmakers like Berman (Chairman Howard Berman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee), who had been loath to abet in the denial of a genocide; Berman and a host of other members of the House's unofficial Jewish caucus have signed on as co-sponsors.

Did they "aid and abet" what the SEC alleges was Goldman's fraud?

(Which, as Dave Weigel would surely point out, is an illusion the media helped abet.)

James Cameroon may abet marvel in making green lantern 2He's so gay hes abetting US troops in Iraq.

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  • Synonym for "abet"
    • support, second, back, assist, uphold
  • Verb Forms for "abet"
    • abets, abetted, abetting
  • Phrases for "abet"
    • abet him, abet murder, abet those, abet trial, abet others
  • Rhyme for "abet"
    • Annette, Antoinette, Bernadette, Bizet, Bret
  • Hypernym for "abet"
    • assist
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    • aid and abet, abetment, abettal, abettor, abetter
  • Same Context for "abet"
    • Louisiana, perineural, artisanal, anticolonial, barons'
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    • abetted, abetting
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