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Sentence with the word abed

Fie upon thee, thou cur! all this is of thy doings; thou hast wounded my heart s darling and thereby worked me sore woe and thou hast wasted his youth so that these three years he hath lain abed more dead than alive!

"If we had lain abed till the usual time," said Solomon John, "we should have been all right."

"She's lyin 'abed, and so far from bein' well that she'll never be well again."

Despite the rain and her disappointment it was impossible for Fleda to lie abed from the time the first grey light began to break in at her windows – those old windows that had rattled their welcome to her all night.

September 3rd, 2008 at 7: 57 am this is not racism. translating abeed as "slaves" is not a good choice. the word abed is so used in our cultural on every body and everything (e.g. abdallah, abeed-allah, abed-lat, the word "I worship" is "abed" you can't just translate i t as slave. it also means a name for african people (even though keep in mind mqany salaves were white)

I guess ppl in certain parts of the ME are used to the name and dont think much about the literal meaning of it. on the other hand, ras il abed is not pronounced ras il abeed (head of slave), its 'abed' which was probably the name of some guy who sold them …

I love the troy and abed credit scene, it literally make my roll on the floor and laugh out loud.

Unlike the early birds, the dawning of each day finds me still abed, nested in my covers and dreamily counting waves; this is a psychological response to the soothing sigh of a slight swell nibbling at the beach a few yards from my seaside bed.

Even if he so desired, he could not lie abed this very day.

I'd lie abed in the mornings on purpose, only everything is too good not to be up.

And all those abed, in the Northern Time Zone, will curse themselves they were not counted among the barmy army at the MCG on Boxing Day.

“Beloved…,” he croons in that voice I know means he wants us abed, about such sport as we allow ourselves given that I cannot risk conceiving.

And didn't he beat up Strothers till he lay abed a fortnight, all because of a difference of two pound ten in the account, and because Strothers got fresh and tried to make the gouge go through?

Blitz went home; his wife already abed and snoring.

Right now I'm on my own, as stillsostrange is at work and everybody else is still abed.

For the first time in her life she could lie abed till breakfast was on the table.

I worked every day, including Sunday, and I looked far ahead to my one day off at the end of a month, resolved to lie abed all that day and just sleep and rest up.

I was a book, having been read by many distinguished persons I contrived, and was no way abed in this nor influenced from without, to alter my very foundation, i.e. the words in my text did I alter, so that these fine gentlemen thought themselves fearfully ill with brain disease.

Lady Whimsey: I am under strict orders to stay abed.

There he found his wife still abed, her tousled hair damp with sweat, her face flushed.

Wow look at that guy, he's getting a 3 some, wow, he's such an Abed""That guy's incredibly handsome, and such an Abed.

Last night when i was geetn her from behind, i totally Abed her in the face.

Whulla these Abeds stink worse than my mother's falafel.

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