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CNN seems to be crammed full of liberals who have nothing but in abating love for everything their wonderful new president does.

Nor was it at all certain, in any one instance, where this exemplary chastisement overtook him, that the apparent unanimity of the actors went further than the _practical_ conclusion of "abating" the imperial nuisance, or that their indignation had settled upon the same offences.

The Fed stated economic conditions continued to improve and noted that the deterioration in the labor market appears to be "abating," but expects to see a "moderate" recovery for a time as private spending

The dollar rose to a one-week high against the yen on Dec. 16, when the Fed said deterioration in the labor market is "abating" while reiterating it will keep its target rate at virtually zero for an "extended period."

The Fed stated economic conditions continued to improve from its previous meeting in December and noted that the deterioration in the labor market appears to be "abating," but expects to see a "moderate" recovery for some time.

Stocks hold gains as Fed says job losses 'abating'NEW YORK - Stocks held on to most of their gains Wednesday as the Federal Reserve reminded investors that it would end several of its extraordinary supports for the economy in the coming year.

• Help the country address other national objectives such as abating climate change, promoting energy independence, and fostering long-term domestic manufacturing capacity in clean energy and energy efficiency technologies.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney. com) -- Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke said Friday that the turmoil in the financial system is "abating," but urged lawmakers to enact comprehensive reforms to help prevent future crises.

Even so, "abating" is exactly what it means, at least for the time being.

Earlier this week, the Fed offered commentary on the economy, saying that deterioration in the labor market was "abating".

Stocks hold gains as Fed says job losses 'abating'

More definitive were the comments that the weigh on labor markets was "abating" and financial markets were "more supportive" of economic activity.

In their statement after the meeting, the members concluded that the US economy has continued to "pick up", that declines in the job market are "abating" and that in general financial conditions "have become more supportive of Some members believe inflation is likely to remain so low that rate increases might not be needed until 2011.

With demonstrations showing no signs of abating, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is to name a new government in a bid to quell calls for him to step down after 30 years in power.

Its political oppression shows no signs of abating.

It has been reported that the global recession is abating.

Mr. Coughlin's goal of luring clients including the world's largest investment banks will depend on the continued rise in demand for gold as an asset class, which shows few signs of abating.

Still, the pace of decline slowed in January, which indicates that property prices are softening at a steady pace, abating some concerns of a sharp plunge in the market for now.

Nevertheless, even with the squeeze on landlord finance abating, the new supply will not be enough to meet demand from tenants.

The number of people fleeing Libya continues to grow as the battle for control of the North African country shows no signs of abating.

Anna: Yes I've had many periods... You know they say that period pains hurt more than getting kicked in the nuts. Jim:... Anna:... Jim:......ABATING!!!!! Anna:...What?

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