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More specifically, Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway for its five big bills got an issue of perpetual preferred Goldman shares with a neat 10% annual dividend, which according to our abacus translates into $5 million a year.

The columns of these pillared porches have sixteen flutings, a plain abacus, and no plinth.

It now had fence slats and feed bags laid across, and held all types of useful things—shuttlecocks, disposable cameras, Play-Doh molds, and so on—things Joey found discarded, including a functional abacus, which is really quite rare.

The Romans also made a mechanical version, with beads sliding in slots, called an abacus.

If you put it down there, where the abacus is the machine's computer would simple take charge of it and offer you lots of nice user-friendly time-travel applications complete with pull-down menus and desk accessories if you like.

Let the height of the capital be divided into three parts, and give one to the plinth (that is, the abacus), the second to the echinus, and the third to the necking with its congé.

For higher columns the other proportions will be the same, but the length and breadth of the abacus will be the thickness of the lower diameter of a column plus one ninth part thereof; thus, just as the higher the column the less the diminution, so the projection of its capital is proportionately increased and its breadth [2] is correspondingly enlarged.

Thus the fourth column from the west is his, and perhaps the fifth up to the abacus, which is convex and of limestone.

Bernelinus [480] states that the abacus is a well-polished board (or table), which is covered with blue sand and used by geometers in drawing geometrical figures.

It will be observed that the pillar has a low, round base, with beveled edge; also, at the top, a square abacus, which is simply a piece of the original four-sided pillar, left untouched.

For a lesson in arithmetic, Brad assembled a kind of abacus out of colored blocks, astounding his teacher.

Saturday, January 10, 2009 · 1. Hors d'oeuvre 2. Super Scrabble 3. Intelligent toasters that gauge the humidity of the bread to ensure consistently excellent toast 4. Bright red telephones 5. Nerdly joy in the knowledge that the plural of "abacus" is "abacuses"

WTF all those lil chinks had laptops, LAPTOPS!!! in socialist mexico kids are still carrying abacus’s (abaci?) to school, and once they’re out of college and working they can’t pluralize the word abacus

In his hand he bore that singular "abacus", or staff of office, with which Templars are usually represented, having at the upper end a round plate, on which was engraved the cross of the Order, inscribed within a circle or orle, as heralds term it.

Investors lost a billion dollars in "abacus" in just nine months.

The SEC says that in February of 2007 Goldman Sachs created what it called "abacus," a basket of bonds based on mortgage-backed securities to sell to investors.

If he's an intellectual, wouldn't he have the answers stored in his "abacus" of a brain?

Nerdly joy in the knowledge that the plural of "abacus" is "abacuses"

After this event I began to calculate the orbits of satellites and rockets by using a slide rule and an abacus.

The issues at stake in the gay marriage debate are too important, too central to our identity as Americans, to leave to an electoral abacus.

Abacus vs. Calculator, who wins? Abacus, of course!

Oh my god it runs on batteries, I'll stick to the good old abacus.

Quinn used an abacus to count to 100.

The little girl pushed the beads on the abacus from one side to the other.

134+4765=4899" "John, all I can say is you're an abacus!

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