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Sentence with the word aback

As I read your stories and especially your friends who so generously comment I am taken aback (is aback a word?) by the generous sharing of wisdom you receive from your friends at French-Word-A-Day.

Hillary grew up in this culture, so yes she was taken "aback" by these comments; you, others, and obama being so shallow minded and dismissive of someones culture and values is ignorant. obama will never be President.

The richness and elegance of the church took me all "aback;" it was so entirely different from anything I had seen, that it was difficult to decide whether I was most charmed by its novelty or its beauty.

Options B and D are not correct as the word 'aback' means to get startled by something and does not means the same as the word 'back' which is used in the answer choices B and D.

But then they see the finished works and it really takes them aback, which is great. "

You may be taken aback when you encounter this tiny local bar.

But I could tell that even she was taken aback by the degree of their interest.

In the interview, he described the last 18 months as “painful” for him and his family, and seemed taken aback by the suggestion, made by his Democratic challengers and many critics outside of New York, that he should step aside.

"Everybody was taken aback by the frequency of these injuries: the double amputations, the injuries to the penis and testicles," said Holcomb, now a medical professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston.

The first time you tell a patient they're going to have to receive one they are taken aback and apprehensive, but they are remarkably tolerated, he said of the shots.

The Journal asked him to do a survey of economists on the subject of inequality, and he was taken aback to discover that the rise in economic inequality was real.

When Scolese said they might abandon the moon base for an NEO or Mars mission I was completely taken aback, because that's really the way forward for NASA.

Some board members were taken aback at the filing after they saw news reports about the SEC disclosure and that it was done without close oversight by some top executives, one of these people said, adding that they expect management to fix the process problems and make sure it doesn't happen again.

I was taken aback, however, by the opportunistic and credential-centric atmosphere created by this focus on networking.

His boss was momentarily taken aback, Alexander writes, but then agreed.

The BBC's Jon Leyne, reporting from Cairo, says "police were taken aback by the anger of the crowd" and at first let protesters make their way to the parliament building.

The current situation was several years in the making, but Badran and other Middle East experts assign a great deal of responsibility to the feckless administration, which seemed somewhat taken aback by the pace of events.

It's a great gadget, but I'm taken aback by my own reaction to it.

I stared at him, taken aback by the impassioned onslaught.

I launched myself at him, taken aback at my own ferocity, months of inner turmoil threatening to explode upon us.

Mum "They planned a surprise party for me, I was taken aback

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