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˜Master,™ he called the thane, but had never thought of him as such.

While, since thegn and thane are both archaisms, I prefer the former; not only for the same reason that induces Sir Francis Palgrave to prefer it, viz., because it is the more etymologically correct; but because we take from our neighbours the Scotch, not only the word thane, but the sense in which we apply it; and that sense is not the same that we ought to attach to the various and complicated notions of nobility which the Anglo-Saxon comprehended in the title of thegn.

A thane was a sort of chieftain in the Saxon state.

At least Shakespeare used 'thane', so anyone who has ever seen or read the Scottish Play may have come across it.

I bowed to him, and he took my hand, calling me "thane" in all good faith.

"Then," he went on, "come you to the hall door and bide there while I go in and call the thane thither.

I want to start a membership site and I hear they are better thane-junkie with that.

The title of Thain is of course a variant spelling of thane, a title used by the Anglo-Saxon nobility.

There was no such fixed system of precedence as among the modern English aristocracy, but a thane was generally inferior to an earl, and about equivalent to a baron on the Continent.

Scotland becomes a place of brutal pragmatism in which Ross is transformed from an anonymous thane into a relic of an isolated priesthood.

See that guy... His name's Thane." "What's he like?" "He completely full of himself!" "Really.. He looks like he has strong character to me." "Looks like a stick in his ass from here...

Hey, who is that??? He's cute!!!" "Oh, that guy? I don't know... He's a total Thane." "Really??? Oh... But he seems so nice!!!" "He is, but he can also get bored really easily... It's funny, I heard he's actually just on the look out for 'the one' !!!"funny cowboy charming flirt player

Oh god! Run! It's a thane!

girl: he so fine.friend: he a thane thoe. girl: i know right. but look at his booty. friend: he is a thot

I am going to stay here other thane going out. Are you staying home thane?

Hey, do I smell hot dogs?" "Nope, that's my fresh Thane Pie!

Is it just me, or is leaving thane lines the coolest thing ever?

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