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To prevent the junction of the Spanish and French fleets, the Tagus was the station fixed upon by Lord St

The Tagus is a fine river, certainly, but, to my mind, the much vaunted panorama of Lisbon does not merit its reputation.

Next morning broke upon a lovely view: no wonder that the Tagus is the pride of Portuguese bards.

I was three hours in swimming across the Tagus, which is much more hazardous, being two hours longer than the

Evora lies about sixty miles from the farther bank of the Tagus, which is at Lisbon three leagues broad; and to Evora I determined on going with a small cargo of Testaments and Bibles.

And when the King saw the letters he was well pleased, and sent others to say that the time of their meeting should be three weeks after he received these letters, and the place appointed was upon the Tagus, which is a great river.

It has been often described without being worthy of description; for, except the view from the Tagus, which is beautiful, and some fine churches and convents, it contains little but filthy streets, and more filthy inhabitants.

Unfain to cross the Tagus was my lord Cid that night:

Three fides confift of the Exchange and the public offices; the fourth is formed by the Tagus, which is here edged by an extenfive and noble wharf, built of coarfe marble.

In no court on the Tagus are the laws of Portugal construed with more tenacity and precision than in Macao's chambers of justice; and the flag of Portugal floats over the homes of hundreds of loyal subjects who know only in a hazy manner where Portugal really is -- they are rich Chinese and others evading the Chinese tax collector, or escaping burdensome laws, and for many years these crafty Mongols have made a sort of political Gretna

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