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Having been bitten several times before by this -- warrantless wiretapping and the Miers nomination leap to mind -- you would think that Congress would have learned by now that the Bush administration views them as an annoyance rather than a co-equal partner in governing, and that any behavior by the legislative branch other than complete sycophancy is considered to be treasonous.

But as JWF notes, some comic relief from Milbank’s usual sycophancy is to be found [...]

I-R-I, NED, MA – You’re sycophancy is required on this thread.

Drafted by the Shimla-based Army Training Command, the code dubs sycophancy and manipulation deadly diseases caused by the “virus of ambition and selfishness”.

Their work survives, and when you have assessed the monstrous flattery at its true worth, swept it aside and come down to the real facts of his life, you make the discovery that the proudest title their sycophancy could bestow and his own fatuity accept -- Le Roi Soleil, the Sun-King -- makes him what indeed he is: a king of opera bouffe.

ANC MPs, like many of their NP predecessors, prize party loyalty above allegiance to the constitutional principle of parliamentary oversight, leading Archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu to bemoan the 'sycophancy' of ANC MPs ...

Nothing strikes one as more painful and odious in the ways of that Court and that Parliament than the language of sickening sycophancy which is used by all statesmen alike in public {86} with regard to kings and princes, for whom in private they could find no words of abuse too strong and coarse, no curse too profane.

Blair's "sycophancy" led us into Iraq, says former DPP

The ex-director of public prosecutions has accused Tony Blair of "sycophancy" towards President Bush.

One of Tony Blair's most senior public servants has launched a scathing attack on the former British prime minister over the Iraq war, accusing him of "sycophancy" towards Washington.

Using the word sycophancy is a great way to lie about being an intelligent and educated person, even though you don't know what the whole thing means.

Malcolm has sycophancy down to a fine art

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    • Having been bitten several times before…
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  • Synonym for "Sycophancy"
    • calumniation, talebearing, servility, flattery
  • Hypernym for "Sycophancy"
    • obsequiousness, servility, subservience
  • Same Context for "Sycophancy"
    • hard-heartedness, priestcraft, subserviency, complaisance, secularity
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