Snorkeling in a sentence

Sentence with the word Snorkeling

The Pacific waters along the coast of Nayarit offer sanctuary to a great profusion of sea life - and snorkeling is a fun-filled experience that your entire family will enjoy!

Here, swimming and snorkeling is feasible, but the rocky formations demand experience.

Rooms are spartan but comfortable and snorkeling is decent. $120 to $140.

So the idea of snorkeling in waters designed for polar bears was ... hmmm ... chilling.

"I was thrilled by the idea of snorkeling for lab," said freshman Hannah Barkley, who intends to major in ecology and evolutionary biology.

We always jump into the pool after our snorkeling aka shark hunting sessions.

I am saving money, because I found stuff I thought I had lost and was planning to replace, such as snorkeling gear and moss-remover for my lawn.

Stories have surfaced about the Catholic former Republican former Naval Officer and the term "snorkeling" was forced into the public discourse.

Both are meant for shallow water adventures, such as snorkeling, at the pool or for water sports, rather than deep-water diving.

The tours also include more conventional activities such as snorkeling in Cuba's turquoise waters, taking salsa lessons, sampling rum and visiting world-renowned tobacco plantations in the western province of Pinar del Rio.

My last girlfriend was an expert at snorkeling!!!!!I think that girl wants me, she keeps looking at my package like she wants to snorkel it!Man, my ex was a great girl but she was afraid to snorkel the boys.

I try to go snorkeling on a first date.

My old lady was eating my ass last night and then started snorkeling my cock too!

I woke up in my ship's bunk to find that former Congressman Eric Massa was snorkeling me. He had his balls in my mouth and was stroking his cock.

Man, I went snorkeling yesterday and still can't get the taste out of my mouth.

My girlfriend wanted to go snorkeling in the islands but I couldn't afford it. So instead, I tricked her into snorkeling my penis.

I've got this thing for chicks who do good snorkeling. That last girlfriend of mine was a snorkeling queen!

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    • snorkeled, snorkeling, snorkelling, snorkels
  • Phrases for "Snorkeling"
    • snorkeling yards, went snorkeling, was snorkeling, snorkeling off, for snorkeling
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    • rebreather, scuba, ebonite, duct-taped, vulcanite
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