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About Radio Rx Radio Rx is a weekly talk show hosted by brothers ...

My absolute favourite part of Mercury Rx is the music played in shopping centres/malls and the supermarket.

Mystic Medusa in her wonderful book Astroscape 2009 says Mercury Rx is great for:

Mercury Rx is a notorious period for electrical equipment and communication devices go * fizzle pop*.

Short-term Rx cuts could lead to long-term cost increases.

The purpose of the Rx is not to restrict quantity but to force regular eye exams.

Yes, we continue to believe that over the longer term, we've talked about the Ibuprofen PM that's already switched of course, but we'll be launching, but the longer term Rx OTC switches.

I won’t go into astrological depth as to what Mercury Rx is other than to say Mercury represents, among other things, communication, information and travel and retrograde is about things going backwards!

Hasn't the FDA permitted millions to become unlicensed physicians by permitting so-called Rx-to-OTC "switches"?

ÂFirst up John Donnelly; Senior Software Architect @DotNet Solutions and general Silverlight know it all; will be educating us about the Reactive Framework (also know as the Rx Extensions), specifically it's application to Silverlight.

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