Rollo in a sentence

  • [Illustration: ROLLO ON THE RAFT.] "In fact," said Rollo to himself, "since I am not going all the way to
  • Advertisements for El Rollo play down the bothersome connotation and emphasize its uniqueness by saying: "El Rollo es otro rollo," which means "El Rollo is a whole other thing," as in "this park is special."
  • If you have younger children or just want to swim and sun without the extreme adventure, El Rollo is still for you.
  • After this, follow signs to Jojulta and, once you pass through this small town, El Rollo is located near the next town, Tlaquiltenango.
  • El Rollo is located near Jojutla in the "hot lands" of Morelos.
  • All this Rollo's fellow-traveller attempted to explain to him; but as he spoke in German, Rollo did not understand him.
  • In a short time, Jonas reduced the neck of ground, where he was digging, to a very narrow wall, and he called Rollo to come and see him let out the water.
  • In a word Rollo was now beginning to be really penitent.
  • One was my father, who everyone called Rollo, including my mother.
  • And I've found that dropping the name Rollo Tomasi is a quick way to find out if the person you're talking with has any sense about films at all.
  • Rollo and Lamont always trolls for chicks.
  • Girl 1- is that... Rollo?Girl 2- did you just say rollo?Girl 1- yes-Girl 2- OH MY GOD HE IS AMAZING. IM CUMMING EVERYWHERE HE IS SO SEXY OM NOM NOM NOMGirl 1- Stop chewing on my couch cushions!
  • Woman: "you always scratch your balls for minutes at a time! GROSS!" Man: "i'm not scratchin them.. it's a rollo" Woman: "a rollo?!" Man: "yeah, you know, when you pinch the ballskin and roll it between ur fingers cuz it's itchy!? DUH
  • Eduardo es mi rollo.Eduardo is my hook-up buddy.

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