Rollo in a sentence

Sentence with the word Rollo

[Illustration: ROLLO ON THE RAFT.] "In fact," said Rollo to himself, "since I am not going all the way to

Advertisements for El Rollo play down the bothersome connotation and emphasize its uniqueness by saying: "El Rollo es otro rollo," which means "El Rollo is a whole other thing," as in "this park is special."

If you have younger children or just want to swim and sun without the extreme adventure, El Rollo is still for you.

After this, follow signs to Jojulta and, once you pass through this small town, El Rollo is located near the next town, Tlaquiltenango.

El Rollo is located near Jojutla in the "hot lands" of Morelos.

All this Rollo's fellow-traveller attempted to explain to him; but as he spoke in German, Rollo did not understand him.

In a short time, Jonas reduced the neck of ground, where he was digging, to a very narrow wall, and he called Rollo to come and see him let out the water.

In a word Rollo was now beginning to be really penitent.

One was my father, who everyone called Rollo, including my mother.

And I've found that dropping the name Rollo Tomasi is a quick way to find out if the person you're talking with has any sense about films at all.

Rollo and Lamont always trolls for chicks.

Girl 1- is that... Rollo?Girl 2- did you just say rollo?Girl 1- yes-Girl 2- OH MY GOD HE IS AMAZING. IM CUMMING EVERYWHERE HE IS SO SEXY OM NOM NOM NOMGirl 1- Stop chewing on my couch cushions!

Woman: "you always scratch your balls for minutes at a time! GROSS!" Man: "i'm not scratchin them.. it's a rollo" Woman: "a rollo?!" Man: "yeah, you know, when you pinch the ballskin and roll it between ur fingers cuz it's itchy!? DUH

Eduardo es mi rollo.Eduardo is my hook-up buddy.

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