Rinsing in a sentence

Sentence with the word Rinsing

I'm trying to remember where I heard this idea of using cottage cheese like this as a cheese substitite, because that's where I got the idea of rinsing it.

And a LOT of rinsing, which is about as annoying as rinsing out a garbage can.

Many manufacturers of this type of washer vaunt their superior rinsing, which is said to get out more detergent and dirt residues and thus prevent dinginess from developing.

Including behavior such as rinsing mouth and brushing teeth in the kitchen sink.

Suddenly, wet shampoo treatments for use at home were far more practical, at least for those who, at the turn of a tap, had access to plenty of warm water for lathering and rinsing.

Just as she was rinsing for the second time, she heard a sound in the hallway.

The oyster beds around Bahrain were justly famous for thousands of years for the unique pearls they produced, pearls with a strange, lustrous sheen, attributed to the rinsing received from fresh water that jets from the ocean bottom.

Spanish women bring out natural, subtle highlights in their hair by rinsing it with cranberry juice, says Vadhera.

When I handwash my underwear now, soaking and scrubbing and rinsing and rinsing again, wringing and hanging, I pray for her, remembering how she took on this most humbling of tasks to make me feel loved in Battambang.

That will have the added benefit of rinsing any chemicals off my hands that I may have unknowingly been exposed to.

A man throwing lots of cash at a woman, shouting "Your rinsing me baby your rinsing me, Take it all, rinse me harder!"I'm all rinsed out, well back to work, gotta earn more, hey maybe i could sell my car..

Rinsing sound inside the place tonight.....all of the massive a brock wyal...

Last night i gave this triple bass a right good rinsing.

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  • Sentence for "Rinsing"
  • Synonym for "Rinsing"
    • wash, gargle
  • Verb Forms for "Rinsing"
    • rinsed, rinses, rinsing
  • Rhyme for "Rinsing"
    • Ince, Prince, Vince, convince, evince
  • Hypernym for "Rinsing"
    • removal, remotion, hair coloring, wash, lavation
  • Form for "Rinsing"
    • rinsed, rinsing, rinse out, rinse off
  • Same Context for "Rinsing"
    • rince, shampoo, wash, riband, detergent
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