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Your server is a relayer of information between your table and the kitchen.

Like a storm of hornets, the little white planets layer and relayer as they whip around in their high orbits, getting more and more dense before they crash against our crust.

Sorry to be a relentless relayer of other people's content, but... wait - no!

Vous vivez peut-être dans l'illusion que ce blog a des milliers de lecteurs par jour et qu'il n'y a pas besoin de relayer le message plus loin… détrompez-vous!

The reception department took his name, but there was a subdued consultation before a man attached it to a relayer and submitted it for the examination of an inner office authority.

To announce them to the world, we need the motive force of Mars, which enables us so to set external matter in motion that it becomes a carrier and relayer of our thoughts.

Quelle information, celles du 20 heures à relayer telles quelles sur le net?

I tried the obvious tricks - select all and relayer, PURGE, but I still had a couple that were invincible.

It has the dubious distinction of being the top relayer - responsible for 15. 8% of world-wide spam during the first three months of 2009 - for at least the last five years, said Dmitry Samosseiko, a manager of SophosLabs.

Je suis très content de pouvoir relayer l'annonce faite hier par Kevin Turner au Cebit à Hanovre: ...

A Relayer is a man who cheats on his wife-marries the mistress and then does it again and again all his life. He is never not in a relationship-not even for a second.

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