Relaxing in a sentence

Sentence with the word Relaxing

Today I'm relaxing from the intensity of the last six-seven days, laying back, catching up on a tiny tiny bit of my email, but mostly, relaxing and letting sink in what is happening.

As 10 other American presidents have discovered, the Castro regime is not interested in relaxing its grip on power.

Thinking about all the little ways one can make a room more inviting and relaxing is such a motivation!

But such has been the desire of Labour to facilitate the activities of the ballot-box stuffers of places like Birmingham that they have deliberately ignored each and every warning (and many were given) that this is precisely what would happen if they persisted in relaxing the rules.

She tested her foot gingerly, then put more of her weight on it, her expression relaxing into relief.

Much of what people do that they call relaxing is actually highly stimulating and distracting and a "change of pace", but it is anything but relaxing.

As far as relaxing is concerned, I will do so only when you stop shooting your weapons indiscriminately around the globe like drunken fools.

A lot of this is down to the way GB and co have stuffed the pensions industry with FRS 17, the withholding tax and their inability to cope with the brutal equity bear market before and after 9/11 (I refer to tehir slowness in relaxing liquidity ratios that forced companies to dump good stock for bugger all-the short sellers were all over them like a rash).

I do want to see the typical "post work" relaxing from the Japanese Working-Man, the soba stands and sake.

There's no point in relaxing and saying I can take a 9 instead of a 10?

Hey Jon what you up to this evening mate ?I fully intend on relaxing inside my bird.

We were relaxing last night.

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  • Synonym for "Relaxing"
    • mitigate, divert, abate, remit, loosen
  • Antonym for "Relaxing"
    • stress, excite
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    • relaxed, relaxes, relaxing
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    • Acts, Jacks, Macs, Max, Sachs
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    • relaxable
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    • scheduler, neurocognitive, insulin-stimulated, upper-body, isdurable
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