Regression in a sentence

Sentence with the word Regression

The study of this phenomenon gave rise to the term regression, which has since been documented in many areas.

Cheng said that, among a list of 10 grievances, Chen also described Taiwan's legal system as "dead" and said he mourned what he described as a regression in Taiwan's democracy.

We should be moving forward and devising ways to enhance all of our citizens 'lives rather than instill fear and hatred, and that only rejection of concepts and forward looking ideas leading to regression is our salvation. simp

It reveals the regression from the Christian love of one's neighbour back to the pagan privileging of our tribe versus the barbarian Other.

The recent regression is more about class politics than anything else.

These retired citizens have no interests in the well being of the country as a whole, regression is their only agenda and will not allow the Democrats to take this country in the right direction .. too bad America voted for change.

They are called the "omitted variables" or "error term" in regression terminology.

As far as the fairytale characters go, I just regard it as another indication of NASA's regression from a serious view of its mission.

However, though we talk a lot about the effects of demography and aging populations, etc., there is a curious sense in which we suddenly stop thinking about them when assuming things like long term regression to the mean of economic growth, and many other things.

The theme of regression is certainly interesting, but this story somehow seemed to lack the import of such a weighty topic.

John: Is my little girl ready to play with the big-boys? Mary: I'm not into regression, get the hell away you perv.

The Europeans were very regressive when they realised that Paris and London had been replaced by New York and Rio de Janiero.

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