Proboscis in a sentence

  • With a single or twin proboscis-like suction pipes, it pumps up materials from the sea floor and then discharges them into a storage compartment known as the hopper.
  • The contractile vacuole is terminal, the proboscis is short, slightly raised and separated from the body by a deep cleft; the buccal cilia are inserted part way up on the proboscis.
  • Not all parasites pass through a transformation inside the vector and remain in the salivary glands: filarial parasites are attached to the so-called proboscis (the mouth-part penetrating the skin) and are therefore transmitted mechanically.
  • For the mandibles were sharp, pointed ivory fangs; the proboscis was a kind of tongue in the vaguely mammalian mouths of these moths.
  • The right side is flattened and alone provided with cilia, while the left side of the body proper is arched; on the left side of the proboscis is a row of coarse cilia resembling an adoral zone, and a row of trichocysts.
  • We all know where the bees go to fetch their honey, and how, when a bee settles on a flower, she thrusts into it her small tongue-like proboscis, which is really
  • Faix if it wasn't that her proboscis is a taste longer,
  • The adult also have antennae, and proboscis, which is used for the sucking of nectar.
  • The proboscis is the part of the head that the bug uses to feed on its prey.
  • Hawkmoths, which look a lot like hummingbirds or bumblebees, are common daytime fliers and will be found on tubular flowers (perfect for their incredibly long proboscis, which is the straw-like tube they feed with).
  • The proboscis belongs on the face Your proboscis bothers you in the restroom (because it smells bad)
  • 1. Holy hell!! Look at his proboscis!! 2. Cyrano de Bergiac had an intensely large proboscis.
  • I front-loaded her pussy while we were standing up, facing each other, utilizing my proboscis!
  • look at the size of his proboscis.

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