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Sentence with the word Post-Haste

Truly, somebody needs to post this stuff on everything from billboards to buses (and perhaps even urinal cakes) and post-haste.

How many adult African American women will shed a tear of joy, as I did, remembering a very different world where Saturday mornings were spent fidgeting on a kitchen chair in mortal dread of the pressing comb and black hair, rather than a crowning glory, was a burden to be fried, dyed and laid to the side post-haste.

At the time, I was beating myself over the sympathetics with Racing in the Rain, but I look at the cover with the empty shoes and think, "Well, I've got to read P&P&Z, because I've got to return it post-haste, but after that ..."

Instead of even entertaining the "insane" concept of withdrawing post-haste, U.S. officials are still under the delusion that military progress is being made and that, by some unforeseen act of science or nature, Kabul under Karzai will suddenly start becoming less corrupt.

So, If I want to eat and stay housed, I have to get through the CEM of By the Mountain Bound, and I have to finish this revision post-haste.

By the time we arrived around 1 p.m., though, even the greens were gone — but, unlike the Seattle markets, where eggs sell out post-haste, we still could have scored a basket of pastel beauties practically custom-laid for Easter.

Especially because “the publishing industry is dying” or whatever, so we feel like we must work post-haste or else we will lose our opportunity.

You need to fire off an e-mail to Newt Gingrich post-haste.

I have to second WA at #63 -- this post needs to be corrected post-haste.

Ensign should "get out of Dodge" (DC) post-haste and retire somewhere far out in the Nevada desert.

1)I have to finish this report Post-Haste! 2)I'm famished, someone give me food Post-Haste!

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