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PASSIONS OF THE POTSMOKING PRESIDENTS by "Thomas Paine" is at www., along with the infamous PotsmokingPatriots t-shirts.

Paine is often considered the patron saint of the left (though in candor, Reagan used to cite him, too).

Having last summer been aesthetically -- and physically -- caught up in Paine's "Maelstrom" on the roof of the Met, we wondered how the artist responds to the intersection of his environmental works with humans.

Paine is today considered perhaps the most reactionary, rabble-rousing populist among them, and therefore is most beloved by wingnuts, in comparison to say, Jefferson who was clearly more of an intellectual elitist.

Tom Paine is right; we dare not admit the truth. on November 9, 2009 at 7: 49 pm The Tum

Wilton Paine is the southern partner of Factory Findings with his home office in Gainesville from where he manages a fleet of seventeen company-owned trucks.

Edgar's encounter with Ida Paine is one example out of many.

While political correctness demands that I nod my head and agree that all men are rapists, all whites are racists, and that all cultures are of equal value, I need a place where I can talk about sex with the girlfriend, where I can say that Thomas Paine is not a racist, and where I can chat about my distaste for the cannibalism of cannibal cultures.

Oh and Paine is an idiot because Obama is chairman of the senates subcommittee on European Affairs and Afghanistan is in Asia.

Yes, Thomas Paine is the FF constitutionalists keep in the closet.

Riku: Think we need a password? Paine(facing the enemy): How about kick...its...***.

Dude, Paine owns!

Damn, Paine just kicked that dudes ass!

Mananca cu paine" "Du-te si cumpara o paine" "Painea costa 1 Leu" "Manca' cu pita (in Ardeal)

Paine is the assigned leader of Akatsuki.

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