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MORONI: French mercenary Bob Denard said he was negotiating his surrender after French special forces invaded the Comorian capital of Moroni at dawn.

And that is the difference: the angel, unfamiliar to most Christians, is called Moroni.

Eventually, Smith reported, he was led by an angel called Moroni, whose figure now appears atop Mormon temples, to a place in upper New York state, where he would find tablets of gold.

Some 30 foreigners working on Anjouan flew Thursday by helicopter to Moroni, which is on the island of Grande Comore.

Coincidentally, "Moroni" is the capital of the "Comoro Islands" off the coast of East Africa.

Otherwise he must stop tooting his horn and hand it back to Moroni.

If those attributes aren't appealing to Mexicans, then I'm Moroni himself.

While we're talking about Moroni worshipers, can you do me a favor and ask Mitt Romney why he's such an ingrate toward Mexicans?

The Mormons when they send missionaries to try to convert people will tell people to do "the Moroni Test" wherein you read the Book of Mormon (or attempt to do so, Mark Twain called it "cloroform in print") and then pray about it, whence apon, so they say a still small voice will assure you as to the B of M's veracity.

Fear of knockoffs was so high, the Smoke chair for Sawaya & Moroni was veiled in secrecy until just recently.

1. That Moronisaurus skeleton is amazing! 2. Mr. Moroni is part of the Mafia. 3. Hahaha, he's such a moroni. 4. There's a Moroni at the door. 5. Dude, I totally pulled a moroni last night!!

Un-Mormon:"Look at Macaroni blow his horn!" Mormon: (offended) "His name is Moroni, not Macaroni; and it's a trumpet, not a horn." Un-Mormon: "Did you ever notice that if you were to "c" Moroni, he totally becomes 'Moronic'? Stop and "C" (see), friend!

Mitt Romney and Orrin Hatch are moroni's. Utah is full of moroni's.

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