Meteor Shower in a sentence

Sentence with the word Meteor%20Shower

Jenn went to the meteor shower in Sea Isle City last night and is now hungover

Bro: "ay bra lets go frodin braaap braaaaap!"kyle: "naw man, is that a peanut in you hair?"Bro: "yeah bra just had a meteor shower"kyle: "gnar

i was totally jonesing for a thrill so i decided to pull a meteor shower at the bus station just to pass the time.

I wanted to give that girl a meteor shower but I missed her pussy and got diarrhea all over her stomach.

Let's go over to Danny Five's for the meteor shower tonight.

I was getting a sweet blowjob from my buddies mom when he was at baseball practice, an i was about to cream HARD. As my load entered the deeper region of her throat, i thought of Sarah Jessica Parker and vomitted all over her head. And that was my first Meteor Shower

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