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~ In all the changes which matter can undergo, whether physical or chemical, two factors must be taken into account, namely, _energy_ and _matter_.

"By appropriation it enables _new matter to assume similar qualities to old matter_."

Neither did the apostles determine the matter (as hath been said) by apostolical authority from immediate revelation: but they assembled together with the elders, _to consider of the matter_, ver. 6, and a _multitude of brethren_ together with them, ver. 12, 22, 23; and after searching out the cause by an ordinary means of disputation, ver.

_Not the evolution of matter but the degeneration of matter_ is the plain and unescapable lesson to be drawn from these facts.

This is the first use of the word _vaccination_, or, more familiarly, cow-pox, which is an eruption arising from the insertion into the system of matter obtained from the eruption on the teats and udders of cows, and especially in Gloucestershire; it is also frequently denominated _vaccine matter_; and the whole affair, inoculation and its consequences, is called vaccination, from the

The loss represents the amount of _organic matter soluble in water_, the ash gives the quantity of _soluble inorganic matter_.

The physical senses (matter really having no sense) give the only pretended testimony there can be as to the existence of a substance called _matter_.

I suppose the Commissioner will, as a matter of course, hold you for trial at the Circuit Court, _whatever your rights may be in the matter_.

Indeed, the "vis inertiæ" which is ascribed to matter is itself a power, and a very formidable one; it is described by Baxter himself as "a kind of positive or stubborn inactivity," as "something receding further from action than bare inactivity," for "_matter is so powerfully inactive a thing_!"

It is easy to perceive, that the supposed superiority of _spirit_ over matter, or of the soul over the body, has no other foundation than men's ignorance of this soul, while they are more familiarized with _matter_, with which they imagine they are acquainted, and of which they think they can discern the origin.

Bill: What's the matter?Scott: Nothing. Bill: Wrong. Everything is matter.

Uma did u bring the matter that u downloaded yesterday from santosh pc?

It Matters Words/music - William ‘Bill’ McPheeWe are matterIn the universeWe matterWe are hereNo right or wrongFor matterOnly colorsThat expressMomentary weaving’sIn the fabricWe existIt matters you are hereIt matters that I careIt doesn’t matter whyWhere or when you cry(It matters you are here)I’ve loved you for so longI can’t remember whenYou couldn’t make me smileAll the time and while(I’ve loved you for so long)It matters you are hereIt matters that I careIt doesn’t matter whyWhere or when you cryI’ve loved you for so longSo long... Pinuar method William 'Bill' McPhee

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