Mare in a sentence

Sentence with the word Mare

TO SOLOMON 9AGEBARO, E3 in fupport of his opinion, that a woman was a man, though a man was not a woman; by the fame rule, and for the fame reafon, as a mare is a horfe, though a horfe is not a mare*

The easy option: Pronouncing it phonetically, like the word mare.

You're as different from other women as that kind of a mare is from scrub work-horse mares.

This mare is due to foal 4/25/08 so I am looking forward to that date.

I look at it this way "this are leaders who are looking for other leaders to work with" rather than "I will be Hamas's worst nightmare" why do you want to be their worst night mare, is that how you resolve issues?

A young mare is sent galloping down the length of the manga as the mounted charros stand ready with their lariats.

Our vast country "a mari usque ad mare" is not too large since we need all the ten Provinces to go from sea to sea.

Then I stepped down in front of Mollie -- as I called the mare -- into the trail, and started to lead her.

See to it that my mare is saddled in ten minutes and Blue Devil harnessed to your master's curricle!

With half the county courtin 'her it ain't to be expected that she'd go as sober as a grey mare, is it?

john loves to have sex with mares

I rode her mare so hard last night." "he rode my mare into the sunset

Having a bad day - "Dude, I'm having a MARE!" Watching sports on TV - "Oh, man, Yao Ming's having a MARE!

Mike myers voice: note the mother like Aura, the mare gives off.

that Mare really loves her Drewbeanpoochachskoo.

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    • gillie, lass
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    • mare org, to mare
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    • Adair, Aer, Altair, Astaire, Ayre
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    • nightmare
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    • pony, stallion, steed, horse, cow
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