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This process is called lunation, and it is akin to the Moon bowing slightly as it dances around us, watching us all the while.

As it had now been discovered that the exact length of the lunation is a little more than twenty-nine and a half days, it became necessary to abandon the alternate succession of full and deficient months; and, in order to preserve a more accurate correspondence between the civil month and the lunation, Meton divided the cycle into 125 full months of thirty days, and 110 deficient months of twenty-nine days each.

(In fact, you may need to look at the free online manual just to understand terms like "lunation" and "Astronomical Julian date.")

A lunation trine to Uranus in your 5th house demands that you hurl yourself into the fray, grab the spotlight, and express yourself.

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And there is not the moon seen in all the lunation, save only the second quarter.

On land, meridional, a bispherical moon, revealed in imperfect varying phases of lunation through the posterior interstice of the imperfectly occluded skirt of a carnose negligent perambulating female, a pillar of the cloud by day.

She had taken only four days to pass from syzygy to quadrature, and it was consequently evident that she would be visible for little more than a week at a time, and that her lunation would be accomplished within sixteen days.

We just received word that the Mrav and Grost systems were vaporized within the past lunation.

It had taken the better part of a lunation to get them all cleaned out*

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