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Sentence with the word Lina

Christina Milian stars as sassy cheer captain Lina Cruz, whose world is turned upside-down when her family moves from the urban streets of East Los Angeles to the sunny beach town of Malibu.

Lina is an adventurer and treasure hunter who travels with the very strong but rather stupid swordsman Gourry.

That doesn't sound very exciting, but Lina is a fabulous character.

Enter an Indian Prince Charming who wants a proper wife (which Lina is not) and things get really interesting.

In a nutshell, while at her sister's wedding in India, American-raised Lina is introduced to the "bachelor from hell" as a future husband.

No. 5 seed Amélie Mauresmo of France faces a stiff test in Lina Krasnoroutskaya, 19, of Russia, ranked 48th in the world and a former world junior champion.

First he called Lina, and opened the door of the room where the secretary sat.

SIMON: When we got our second daughter, Lina, which is short for Paulina, we had gotten a little photograph, as we had for Elise.

For Curdie, he had already, as soon as the first rumour reached him, resolved, if no other instructions came, and the king continued unable to give orders, to call Lina and the creatures, and march to meet the enemy.

A 26-year-old resident of Damascus, the Syrian capital, who gave her name as Lina said their fight is one fight: We are unified in our resistance to dictators.

There goes Lina!

That girl's name is Lina.

You're such a Lina! God, stop being a Lina! You're becoming a Lina..

A: Did you meet her? B: meet who? A: Lina? B: you mean awesome Lina ? she is just awesome !

Lina loves life and her family.

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