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Fructose Fructose, also called levulose, has exactly the same chemical formula as glucose, but the atoms are arranged in a different structure.

The sugar is not all like the common granulated sugar, but in ripe fruits a part is in the form known as levulose or fruit sugar, which is two and a half times sweeter than granulated sugar.

The total sugar content in processed foods is often unclear from the ingredients list, where different sugars can be listed separately as sucrose, dextrose, levulose, fructose, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, etc.

Unquestionably it could have used some form of sugar; perhaps dextrose, such as Thrykar himself could digest — perhaps levulose or fructose or even starch.

The cane sugar, however, does not ferment directly: the enzyme in the yeast first transforms the sugar into dextrose and levulose, and these sugars then undergo alcoholic fermentation.

When a solution of cane sugar is heated with hydrochloric or other dilute mineral acid, two compounds, dextrose and levulose, are formed in accordance with the following equation:

If we now streak these plates with an organism, _e. g._ a yeast, which saccharifies starch, it is possible to tell whether maltose or levulose and fructose are formed; if the former, only those plates containing _P. phosphorescens_ will become luminous; if the latter, only those containing _P.

The author maintains that unsatisfactory results are obtained in determinations of starch when the method employed is based upon the inversion of sugar, formed as an intermediate product, since maltose, dextrose, and levulose are partly decomposed by boiling with dilute acids.

The change that is brought about in the sugar by the cooking of fruits consists in changing the cane sugar into levulose and dextrose, which are not so sweet.

It is also noteworthy that levulose gave this same product, the trinitrate of the anhydride (levulosan) by both methods of nitration (_supra_).

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  • Antonym for "Levulose"
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