Leafing in a sentence

Sentence with the word Leafing

Last week, Melissa Lowe, an American, was with a bored expression leafing through an English newspaper in the waiting room of the foreigners 'clinic of a university hospital in Seoul.

My only complaint is that it can be quite addictive – I spent hours 'leafing' through different topics and photos, and look forward to returning to the site. at

I'd settle for something that's fast enough to allow for true "leafing" through a book.

At an airport recently I saw a man with an Amazon Kindle walking around a bookstore, leafing through $24.95 hardcover books before buying them for $11.95 online.

Quiet as a congregation hushed before their leader, an orderly line snaked through the store all the way to the back, though few seemed to be leafing through books in the shelves on either side of them as they approached.

"Hmmm ..." he hmm'ed, leafing through his stacks of paperwork.

Even if you are not familiar with Barry Moser's name, you've likely seen his distinctive engravings while reading a classic novel or leafing through a children's book.

Ah, yes … springtime … trees are leafing, birds are singing, and b-cup is surmising …

Perhaps you started leafing through the book already in the shop.

I pull book after book from the shelves of the library, leafing through them, sliding them back in place.

Chelsi:"Its Leafing Like Crazy Today!" Kärra:"Yeah Man Know, I Hate Leaves.

I was leafing down the chute because I am not that good of a boarder yet.

(20:37:35) Johnathan: well (20:37:54) Johnathan: im gonna go buy some erotica books... just to understand the 'female' viewpoint (20:38:01) Johnathan: oh (20:38:07) Johnathan: i dont maean like playboy (20:38:13) Johnathan: i mean, like sleezy smut books (20:38:21) Johnathan: with story lines and plots (20:38:25) Johnathan: and characters (20:39:02) Jennifer: does that mean ur leafing?

The Toronto Maple Leafs were beating the Boston Bruins 4 to 1 in game 7 of a best of seven series and allowed Boston to score 3 goals in the last 10:42 of regulation and to then win it in overtime. It is the first time in history that a team has lost a game 7 after having a 3 goal lead so late in the third period. Leafing is the process of losing a game when all historic indicators point to a sure victory

Rob; 'what did you get upto last night?' Chris; 'Not much, just a bit of leafing with me ole bit of skirt

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  • Synonym for "Leafing"
    • guiding, directing, controlling, foremost, guidance
  • Phrases for "Leafing"
    • he's leafing, leafing through, leafing so, was leafing
  • Rhyme for "Leafing"
    • Reading, acceding, bleeding, breeding, ceding
  • Hypernym for "Leafing"
    • slip, strip
  • Cross Reference for "Leafing"
    • leading wind, leading man, leading business, leading lights, leading motive
  • Equivalent for "Leafing"
    • directing, directional, guiding, directive, superior
  • Form for "Leafing"
    • leading indicator
  • Same Context for "Leafing"
    • lagging, concurrent
  • Verb Stem for "Leafing"
    • lead
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