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I drove by the old walmart on lauzon and the building was fenced up it looks like there are going to start to demolish the store

Ever since your first record you've been in a state of suspended animation big nog vs lil nog joe lauzon vs dan louzon frank shamrock vs ken shamrock

oh, and that looks like the westbound approach on lauzon to me BTW lol leesa

Retards need to understand a simple fact Fedor will fight anyone the UFC/DANA will not allow him to fight anyone what that means for all you retards out there is this: THE UFC is to blame for this and many other fights not happening. how are they to blame? because they aren't going to let fedors monkeys mooch off of the ufc's hard earned promotional success and use the ufc name to sell a ppv? or because they bought pride and fedor could have signed but HE DIDN'T or because affliction went under and he could have signed the contract oh wait HE DIDN'T, vitor did, dan lauzon did ..

Yo bro i just saw Lauzon! fucking Robo Cop!

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