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III. i.38 (51,2) And turn pre-ordinance and first decree/Into the lane of children] I do not veil understand what is meant by the _lane_ of children.

The use of a shoulder on a modern autopista as an extra lane is the rule in the states of Oaxaca, Chiapas, Yucat√°n and Quintana Roo.

The Department for Transport plans to run three pilots of what it calls a lane rental scheme later in the year.

Taking the lane is particularly good when the only other option is to ride in the door zone.

In this instance, I think a bike lane is better than a cycle track.

If they signal I am pretty apt to slow down and let them move out into the main lane and turn.

I think, he is thinking that at some point a reduction in lane capacity will be the straw that causes a quantum jump in congestion.

In the few places where a bike lane is present, more often than not, a double-parked car is there as well, forcing the bicyclist into the traffic lane.

A fourth southbound lane is scheduled to open this fall.

I think you mean that if you stop to make a left hand turn when there is a lateral roadway and no designated left turn lane from the primary roadway, it might be construed to be your fault or at least partially your fault although in my nine years of driving down here I have noticed that rear-ending another car is something Mexican drivers try to avoid like the plague.

1.A: "That is one creepy road!"B: "It is too small to be a road, that is a lane!"2.A: "Wow did you see Brenden Lane?"B: "Yah! He and his sister Amy Lane are so tall!"3.A: "Lane sure is a sweetie!"B: "Who is he?"A: "Although Lane is a multi gender name, this Lane is a female."4.A: "Would you like to see the list of people coming to my birthday party?"B: "Sure! You spelt Lain wrong though, it is with an 'I' not an 'E'. You spelt it how the dictionary does and many other do- Lane!"5.A: "Hurry up Lane!"B: "But my name is Laney!"A: "Come on, Lane is a nick name! Short for Laney."6.A: "Wow Lane sure is hot!"B: "You think that way about girls? Why didn't you tell me!"A: "No silly, this Lane is a male!

My R.D. "excuse me, there is no reason for your voice to be so loud at this time of night" "...excuse me, there is no reason for you to be such a lane

I am in love with Lane.Lane working on his F-150 so that its ready for his birthday.Lane Loves his girlfriend.

she's going to fuck Lane.

Lane is better than you are.

I was walking through the forest with some sausage, and a lane fell screaming onto my head.

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