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I picked this from Wikipedia, but what it doesn't tell is what they call kilometer in Australia.

The Deep Space Explorer held its position one kilometer from the anomaly.

The highest innovation density, measured in patents per square kilometer, is in San Jose, Calif. (the capital of Silicon Valley) followed by nearby San Francisco and Los Angeles.

From the top you see the village of Atécuaro to south and the Cointzio Reservoir to the west, below a little south of east at little less than one kilometer is the site of the old ranch, La Joya, there are no buildings left, but just a few years ago a bougainvillea and a yucca clearly showed it was the site of an old ranch.

However, rating bicycle versus automobile fatalities by kilometer is a little deceiving, because bicycle trips are typically shorter.

The villages of San Juan and San Salvador Paricutín, the last just one kilometer from the rising volcano, were in danger, but nobody wanted to abandon land and home.

The third hut needed minor repairs but otherwise seemed an ideal spot for us to live: four kilometers from Magude town, less than one kilometer from the Nkomati River (the local water source), and along a major footpath that connected Facazisse to the road into town and marked the outer limit of the Antioka property.

The most unfortunate ones got lost in the thick gray haze, and were found thawing in the spring, sometimes as close as half a kilometer from the base.

Here's a satellite photo of Rio's largest favela (Rocinha), which is less than a kilometer from the beach and very close to some of the most expensive real estate in Rio.

The wave deposited me, a small swedish girl and a 60 foot poilice cruiser (medium sized steel patrol boat - around 20 tons) 1 kilometer from the beach - in the jungle.

A typical example of the BUTCHERING of the word 'kilometer': Trucker Bob: "I drove 'bout 500 'killawwwmitters' til I stuck it in the sleeper. So tired, forgot I never had a sleeper and woke up in the godamned reefer...sheeet! Fed-up etymologist: "Excuse me dude, but it is pronounced 'keelomeeter' *long 'o' as in 'toe'* could you please get it right and pass it on?" Trucker Bob: *walking over to etymologist and dumping half eaten bacon and eggs on his head* "I don't take kindly to bein' corrected by some teacher-boy home-ohhh-secksull!" Fed-up etymologist: *who also happens to be a runner-up in an ultimate fighting light-heavyweight t.v. championship, Ninjas the trucker in the throat and throws him INTO the floor while stating* "Perhaps today is a good day to learn shit-for-brains." *drags him outside and stuffs him into his reefer*.

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