Ion in a sentence

Sentence with the word Ion

Charcoal has to be re-activated but the sliver-ion is woven into the fabric.

Back-formations are frequently made by dropping - tion or - ion from a noun, and adding - e when appropriate, to form a new verb, such as donate from donation.

In such compounds a metal ion is bound not to a single carbon atom but is "sandwiched" between two aromatic organic molecules.

The company stuck to its story — li-ion is necessary to create a plug-in hybrid that meets the power and energy expectations of most consumers.

After working as a physician for some years, he grew so interested in ion channels that he started to do research in the field: “My scientific career in effect began at the age of 30”, he has admitted.

Disturbances in ion channel function can lead to serious diseases of the nervous system as well as the muscles, e.g. the heart.

Dave Wineland was and is one of the towering figures in ion trapping, so I felt a little foolish, earnestly describing to his group my modest contribution, but I soldiered on through my talk.

The charge of the ion is hence changed from negative to positive, and the ion is repelled from the terminal and accelerated towards the exit of the tube which is earthed.

When for instance proteins in ion channels in the cell membrane are influenced, the excitability of a nerve cell and its ability to send impulses along its branches changes.

This change is due to a phosphorylation of certain ion channel proteins, that is utilizing the molecular mechanism described by Paul Greengard.

When i see the word "ion" used as "i don't" i assume the person wasn't able to spell "don't" and/or didn't pay attention during sophomore Chemistry.Swagger/Tumblr Wannabe: "Ion care she do wut she want." Me: "An Ion is a particle with an electric charge because of the loss or gain of electrons, you halfwit idiotic fucktard.

Damn that girl is such an ion, yesterday I would've banged her for sure but today she looks like snooki's asshole.

... So yeah, my g/f is bound to dump me any day now. ION, Guitar Hero 3 is the awesomest thing in the history of stuff.

Tweet: ion like driving at night.

No, I do not belong to the federation of killacon, but rather to the ION.

Solvents consist of ions.

Niggas ion even kno like wussup. Niggas talk to much shut the fuck up

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