Impatiens in a sentence

Sentence with the word Impatiens

The notion that "impatiens" are short on those qualities comes from the tendency of their ripe seed pods to split open and throw seeds in all directions when touched.

Annuals, such as impatiens, coleus and begonias that are still growing strong can be encouraged to continue blooming with regular watering and feeding.

The deck resplendent with blue and purple pansies, impatiens, forced tulips, flame saffron and pixie euonymus cuttings from her mother's greenhouse.

Well, I saw a bird lying on the table beside the impatiens.

I had forgotten about his magical place where the sun shines every day, the grass is still green, where rhododendrons, impatiens, and geraniums blossom in gleeful profusion.

I hope to take lots of walks, to fill out my flower garden with pink and white impatiens, to finish reading Prayers for Sale.

She forgets herself being there, forgets the back deck, the neat neighborhood yards, the window boxes of carnations, the gardens of blue morning glories, the beds of red impatiens.

Like other impatiens, these grow best in morning sun and afternoon shade.

The pink and white impatiens that always seemed to wither from the DC heat looked alive and stood at attention as if they knew they had a special guest.

Even in 1998 when I came out of one hundred days of protective medical confinement, I took my first walk around the neighborhood and saw my neighbor's impatiens in a deep rich magenta.

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