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(A hertz is a unit for measuring frequency at which power is transmitted from a plant to the user.)

The book briefly vibrates at eighteen hertz, which is the resonant frequency of the human eyeball.

Its call is at 52 hertz, which is roughly that of New Scientist informs us that blue whales call out at 15-20 hertz.

A newer generation of cellular radio technology, called Personal Communications Services (PCS), operates much like earlier cellular services, but at higher frequencies, the number of times a radio wave oscillates or completes a cycle, which is measured in a unit known as a hertz (Hz).

• Both acoustical and electromagnetic frequencies are measurable in what are known as hertz or vibrations per second.

Nowadays, the standard unit of frequency is known as the hertz, abbreviated Hz. Thus, 1 Hz.¼ 1 cps, 10 Hz.¼

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Clock frequency uses "hertz" (Hz) as its base unit.

"A regular CRT monitor (somewhat outdated now) runs at up to 85 hertz, meaning that any performance reached by the game over 85 frame/s is discarded.

Success and failure, but spectacular success with specific experiments to celebrate: heinrich hertz creation of radio waves, stern gerlach, practically all that is found in modern technology … ..

Little kid: Ow, can you hear that sound with lots of hertz? Its really painful!Old man: Nope, can't hear anything, there is no sound with lots of hertz.

Damn Hertz, leave that young fellow alone!

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