Henriette in a sentence

Sentence with the word Henriette

Henriette is just arriving in the Guaymas/San Carlos area and causing some problems.

Frenchwoman uttered some of those witty sayings which proceed so naturally from the lips of her countrywomen, I could not help pitying the sorry face of the poor Hungarian, and, wishing to make him share my mirth, I would undertake to translate in Latin Henriette's sallies; but far from making him merry, I often saw his face bear a look of astonishment, as if what I had said seemed to him rather flat.

She called Henriette, her confidential servant, and looking her straight in the eyes, said: "Henriette, Gov.

Although Fanny liked Vienna, she remained attached to Prussia and frequently returned to Berlin, where she gave birth to her only child, Judith, later called Henriette (1780 – 1859), on her twenty-second birthday in 1780.

"We got some backing and we got started," recalled Henriette

The sheets were dusty, stained with age, blurred by damp, but one bore the name "Henriette" written in the corner in a large, defiant hand.

"Henriette," said I, "has any thing been brought for me during my absence?"

"Henriette," I said, after I had been there some days, "don't you think you have made a mistake in so arranging the estate that the count has no longer anything to do?"

"Henriette," I said, "will you never forgive a wrong that is indeed excusable?"

'Henriette' (rockeries/troughs) Egg-shaped, small, green leaves heavily speckled in white and green.

dude, did you just see that Henriette over there?""i so did man, i so didddddddd

i am a henriette because i'll spank you if i want to.

All bow as the great Henriette is coming.

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