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"And separation successfull ... i'm floating. .in heliocentric orbit ..."

This representation of the heavens is usually called the heliocentric, or “Sun-centred,” system — derived from the Greek helios, meaning “Sun.”

"Copernicanism", that is, a heliocentric solar system with _circular_ orbits, was long dead.

- As I sit at my computer terminal, I notice that my bottled water (no "heliocentric" acid rain water from KPU for this boy!) has a "sell by" date.

"heliocentric" plant, like a sunflower, is one that grows toward or is drawn to the sun.

Neither has the Copernican heliocentric model, because its circular orbits were only partially right.

The opposition to the heliocentric cosmology of Copernicus came largely from religious adherence to the Ptolemaic alethic model, but the astronomers who held out against Kepler were largely being scientistic.

His religion had no beef with elliptical orbits because it was still rejecting the heliocentric model wholesale.

So he was attached to his own heretical heliocentric model over another heretical heliocentric model.

Right up into the "Age of Enlightenment" which produced our Constitution and the French Revolution -- and was so much more intellectually advanced than the Church condemning Galileo for his heliocentric blasphemy -- the leading scientists of the day were unified in discounting stories of "thunderstones" that fell from the sky.

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