Granulation in a sentence

Sentence with the word Granulation

The clot is transformed into what we term granulation tissue and begins to organize.

There's a lot of what we call granulation tissue which is developing in that left foot, which is a sign of improvement.

This new tissue is called granulation tissue and special growth factors to stimulate skin formation epithelialization.

The granulation is the hangover from lots and lots of wakes crossing each other over a long period of time.

Grainy sun: the images show the so-called granulation in four different wavelengths in near ultraviolet light.

I thought it was bad when my post op meeting with my doc involved him applying ACID to my nethers to get rid of "granulation".

Organic fertilizers do not only supply nutrients to plants, but promote favorable soil properties such as granulation and good tilt, giving efficient aeration, easy root penetration and improved water holding capacity.

Years ago Philip talked about the need for more "granulation" in tier charges.

The slave insurrection in Haiti in 1791, the cotton boom of 1793 and the granulation of sugar in 1795 made the city a major port.

There is wonderful gold granulation work, which is very, very fine, jewelry-type workmanship.

This data is over-granulated. is your mother granulating? Granulation on demand.

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