Glock in a sentence

Sentence with the word Glock

Plaxico will pay a fine, be required to take classes in Glock groping, and probably be traded quietly to another team in a city where the carry laws are more lenient.

A semi-auto like a Glock is good if you practice and get use to it.

They have a search feature that will allow you to put in Glock xx with light, and will then show you all the compatible styles.

I grab my Glock .40, If i have time i also grab my 12 ga. loaded with buckshot, but the Glock is more manueverable in tight spaces.

S&W model 610 6 1/2 inch barrel glock 29 10 mm ruger sp 101 327 fed the Glock is with me the most the shotgun is the house gun

Although the Glock is by all accounts a very creatively engineered pistol, I think the safety of the users would be better served by a more conventional safety mechanism.

I know the prices are going crazy but I don't think a used Glock is worth $500 unless it's virtually brand new -- only fired once in church by a little old lady -- something like that.

Glock is a celebrated tool and symbol of death to many.

A loaded Glock is always cocked, and has a "trigger in a trigger" safety device that I am not overly fond of.

Supreme Court to hear copyright, employment discrimination cases Case o 'The Week: A' Glock'-en-schpeal - Alderman and Crime of Violence after Begay

screw dat colt nigga, I'm grabbin' my glock

The merits of Glock pistols, while debatable, are easily defined, yet many seem ready to chime in with superficial or knowledge or sheer opinion. I oughtta glock they bitch, dilettante ass!

1. The officers broke through the door, Glock 22 in hand. 2. The man was killed instantly by 33 9mm rounds from a Glock 18, firing at 1300rpm. 3. The officer had lost his gun, so he drew his spare rod, a Glock 36 strapped to his ankle.

I just purchased a full-sized Glock in .40S&W." "NIGGA BOUT TA STAIN THA BLOCK WITH MAH GLOCK YA HEARD ME

My 1911A1 could kick your Glock's ass

1) The robbers pulled out Glocks and pointed them at the bank employees. 2) I had a chat with Mr. Glock. 3) "Yo' G, hook me up wit' 'dat Glock!" "Actually, sir, that is a Sig-Sauer." "'Dat be wack!

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  • Sentence for "Glock"
  • Synonym for "Glock"
    • crowd, congregate, school, herd, swarm
  • Verb Forms for "Glock"
    • flocked, flocking, flocks
  • Phrases for "Glock"
    • Sixpack Glock, Glock Magnum, Glock Model, Glock pistols, Glock semi
  • Rhyme for "Glock"
    • Bach, Bangkok, Bloch, Block, Brock
  • Hypernym for "Glock"
    • congregation, faithful, fold, animal group, crowd
  • Cross Reference for "Glock"
    • company, multitude, group
  • Form for "Glock"
    • flocked, flocking
  • Same Context for "Glock"
    • herd, sheep, cattle, swarm, multitude
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