Germain in a sentence

Sentence with the word Germain

Anthony Cowin presents Taking a bullet for the future of the monarchy? posted at The Previous Boy, saying, “Why do people still confuse historical fiction with historical documentary and is cinematic propaganda still writing the history of our times?” steven germain presents One Page At A Time … posted at Rough Fractals, saying, “The act of writing, independent of the content, is a positive thing …”

Again issues that are not germain to each other shouldn't be linked.

Holding that the right was fundamental would have been not just germain but appropriate to the ruling and surely would have been included had they had 5 justices.

Quit with the inane liberal bashing already, it ain't germain and it is offensive.

If you wanted to write another essay, you could write one on the impact that extistentialism had on your education, but that much information is just not germain to this essay.

A big problem is the practice of congress people (on both sides) of attaching amendments to legislation as riders that are not germain to the issues addressed in the bill.

B.M. obviously has no children, hence her does not feel the intense sense of protection germain to this situation.

Parcours Saint germain des Près 2008 was held in June.

I know people will say it is irrelavent and not germain to the story.

To use the skiing metaphor, some of these paths are 'off piste', and not germain to the main thrust of scripture, though they contain useful additions to our understading of being the people of God.

Person 1: olleh woh era ouy yadot? Person 2: I ma yrev doig knaht ouy dna I evol gnikaeps Germain!

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