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Bedside book: SUCCUBUS ON TOP - Richelle Mead, second in Georgina Kincaid - succubus, highly entertaining

Think of the horrors that are being created in Georgina Township, which does not even have a methadone clinic *.

It must be the rise of fascism in Georgina Township *.

I think we should take bus loads of children out of school in Georgina, and bring them down to China town and to Jane and Finch so that these children can see that non-Georgina-Canadians are cleaner and less criminal than their evil parents.

Let me spend your money so that you can feel that you are doing something about the thousands of jackbooted Nazi storm troopers in Georgina Township.

Georgina is most definitely a morally ambiguous heroine.

Flawed, vulnerable, drawn to that which she can't have, Georgina is a woman in a difficult position and she's making the best of it.

However, I think by the end of it, you'll be as invested in Georgina as I was.

Add in Georgina the deceased wife of the 6th Duke ...

"She won't answer if you call her Georgina," explained Anne.

Georgina - Angel from Above. "Hey Lucy, who is that chick...""Oh, that's Georgina. Her jokes are hilarious." ;)

omg! shes so pretty! must be a georgina

Person # 1: Who is that courage's Beautiful RebelPerson #2: don't know never seen her beforePerson #3 Come on guys that is Georgina<3

Yes!!! I beat Georgina!!!" "Wow Georgina has such cool clothes

Georgina got angry yesterday and caused a tsunami.

georgina = Angel from Above

Simpleton: B-b-but I don't have 666 potatoes? I only have 665! Georgina/ Thee Peasant King: OFF WITH HIS HEAD

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