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The new release features a three-way color grade filter with built-in keying and masking tools, a video noise reduction tool, an OpenGL particle engine, and real-time title flare and luma glow effects.

Just then, a bright flash of light from some kind of flare is fired by Huang.

Although I applaud John Arquilla's concerns, I would also suggest that the warning "flare" is not too late.

Mature migrating ducks and geese are VERY smart and will flare from a black shotgun if it where they can see it.

At least one of the two of them is capable of startlingly evocative language: Brian Jones's contributions to "Let It Bleed" were the "last flare from the shipwreck."

There's also the added community backlash which can be seen indirectly in flare ups like the Fox News-Mass Effect fiasco et.al. We can also see echoes of Rockstar's decision to leave the content in in some of the more embarassing and alienating aspects of recent marketing schemes.

October 1999: another solar flare is once again lighting up the night skies of New York.

This time, a magical flare is wreaking havoc on the city, and Kate has to protect Julie, a 12-year-old girl who may be at the center of a war between Celtic deities.

If flare is a desired goal, work it properly to ensure its effect is appropriate and deliberate.

The flare from the its consumption rose up from the surface of the star in a glorious swirl of colour that far transcended the range of visible light, and was swept on solar winds to be shared throughout the system, the planets circling their sun, and the other ships, drifting in silence. “And perhaps those creatures developing there have the ability to see some of these flares our bodies create.

Cope2 has some nice flares on his handstyle. Person 1: Do stock caps flare? Person 2: No. Not at all. Go die.

look at that flare hes doing

The stallion's penile glands flared outward as he was ejaculating into the mare.

Just see the movie Office Space

Yo kid, you trying to "Flare"?Hell yeah son, put a flame to that shit.

I have so much flare on my bag.

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