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Sentence with the word Feral

As Hélène Mulholland reports, Godwin told the London assembly that "the fact that the term feral is still being used in terms of young people in our inner city … is a great challenge to us as a city."

The use of the term "feral" was first used in about 2000 following the death of Damilola Taylor.

Colonel Hamilton Smith, the able writer on dogs, does not acknowledge some of these wild races, but thinks they are what he calls feral, or domestic dogs which have regained their liberty, and have subsisted for many generations on their own intelligence.

Normally the word feral refers to a domestic animal that has gone wild, but it’s also used to describe people the general populace believes have done the same.

He is and has for many years been engaged in feral cat rescue; I have seen him stop on the street to give a homeless man money -- and an argument, because with Peter, everything comes with an argument.

There was a little fly in our bungalow that I adopted and named Wings, and I called the feral cat that howled for food Legs.

Let the kids wander the streets in feral fashion for a few years and then when they are fully human they can go back to the classroom.

But now they're moaning in feral ecstasy, overcoming the powerful negativity of the place -- the broken branches and dried-out logs -- with the juices of the life force itself.

Researchers have utilized a novel technique to reveal that in feral chickens, the simple stimulus generated by male mounting -- in the absence of actual insemination -- reduces the sexual promiscuity of a hen.

The rioters are called feral youth, sometimes feral scum, vermin, wild beasts or street jackals.

I discovered a feral cow that had escaped from its farm years ago.

Those kids are such ferals - I just heard the 5 year old say "F#$k you, man!

Many of my friends. Male. female. Other.

When a child is left to their own devices too often they can be described as feral. They refuse to respond to the most simple command and can often be found in the neighbour but one's back yard, generally trying to playfully strangle the cat. A feral child has a tendence to appear unkempt, wear ill fitting clothes (usually of pastel colours). Can quite often be the child of a bogan.

Have you seen that Feral fox porn on FurAffinity?""No, I try to only look at only Anthro porn on FurAffinity

Wow look at that guy.. Damn he is so feralKelly uhh I love feral boys 'check'Ugh dude I ripped my shorts again trying to land that new trick, chilled bro you look feral.

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  • Sentence for "Feral"
    • As Hélène Mulholland reports, Godwin told…
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  • Synonym for "Feral"
    • wild, untamed, ferine, funereal, deadly
  • Phrases for "Feral"
    • animalistic feral, feral beast, feral cats, constant feral, feral attack
  • Rhyme for "Feral"
    • Beryl, Carol, Carole, Carroll, Cheryl
  • Hyponym for "Feral"
    • razorback, feral child, feral cat
  • Equivalent for "Feral"
    • wild, untamed
  • Form for "Feral"
    • feral child, feral cat
  • Same Context for "Feral"
    • wolfish, predatory, ferocious, maniacal, catlike
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