Eyelets in a sentence

Sentence with the word Eyelets

Side laces ran the length of each leg from hip to ankle in double rows of gleaming metal eyelets.

I quickly realise that they are NOT fish hooks though because there are no BARBS or eyelets on any of the steel hooks that pierce my hands and cause them to remain knotted upon themselves.

I've sometimes put a surgeon's knot on the line and leader and fed them through each other, but I'd highly recommend just picking up either some barbed eyelets or shrink-on loop to ease the whole process.

Pam cooking spray keeps the eyelets of your rod clear (Deeter told me this.)

Then I drilled holes in the corners and inserted aluminum eyelets.

Then imagine a piece of stout canvas, some four and one-half feet in length, with large and heavy brass eyelets running down both edges.

Then a rope, on the principle of a shoelace, is run through the eyelets, and on the principle of a shoelacing the man is laced in the canvas.

Have you ever seen canvas tarpaulins or rubber blankets with brass eyelets set in along the edges?

But when the mortar sundae hoarding their eyelets, the advantages moved around from the backdrop of the housefather and lined up in the stress frontispiece as I kicked off my retailers and scuttled downturn the drape to stand quite near the grower.

So, I called Van Dessel and they sent me an OEM Ritchey fork (Comp Carbon Cross but without eyelets).

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