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I just saw an Event Horizon!" "What? The movie?" "No! In my toilet!

Professor: As one approaches the event horizon it becomes harder and harder to keep from entering the black hole. Student: LOL, harder.

The exscape velocity at the event horizon is greater than the speed of light, nothing exscapes!" "Once your reach the event horizon there is no turing back." "The event horizon of a black hole is a perfect spherical structure.

Event Horizon was Paul W.S. Anderson's best film.

If you are in an event horizon send me a postcard.

Wingman: Check out that girl at the bar. Whadda think? Man: 5 drinks. Maybe. Wingman: Alright well how about the chick in the blue dress checking us out over there? Man: 7, doubtful. Wingman: And the girl dancing by herself to Superfreak on the dancefloor? Man: Dude, that's an Event Horizon right there... No way.

1. When Trimble reached my event horizon his head snapped to the side like he was bitch slapped by Arnold.2. Joe was walking briskly into my office until he hit my event horizon, his forward motion then halted abruptly as if he had hit a brick wall.

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