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Sentence with the word Ephemeris

Astronomy & Astrophysics says the team "presents an accurate, long-term ephemeris," and that "they participated in all the steps of a real research program, from initial observations to the publication process, and the result they obtained bears scientific significance."

Just as in a circle, it is necessary to know three points to determine the circumference; so in ascertaining the elements of a comet, three different positions must be observed before what astronomers call its "ephemeris" can be established.

If Cassini lasts til 2012, then they will have tracked Saturn for one quarter of its orbit, providing excellent data for the ephemeris.

Well, it turns out that an accurate ephemeris (position table) of Saturn is useful for solar system tests of general relativity, predicting future occultations and eclipses, and navigation of spacecraft.

“Your ephemeris,” she says, finally, with a fair amount of bravado.

Still, she pulls out another chart and starts to scribble what she reads on the ephemeris.

I sat with an open book, dragging my finger across the ephemeris boxes, scratching my head at logarithms.

She looks up at me with a knowing smile: “This, my dear, is the ephemeris.”

Ficino grumbled about it good-naturedly but retrieved a valuable ephemeris while doing so, a gift from Cosimo.

Check here to get the ephemeris of the object from the Solar System Dynamics website.

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