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The E1 buffer, shooting JPG, is painfully slow (compared to E330 which is acceptable).

That should play out wonderfully in court, "Your Honour, I'd like to call the Lexmark E330 to the stand."

Ingredients: Sugar, potato flakes, citric acid (E330), emulsifier sodium hexametaphosphate (E452), artficial flavoring.

It just stopped focusing a few days ago. .it was on my E330 and my son has been using it ..

I decided to experiment with the 70-300 on the E1 and the 14-54 on the E330 and take the same shot, or as close to the same as possible.

I was interested to see that the auto WB temp for the E1 was 5100, and for the E330 was 4800.

This along with an E330 as backup has been my sole income earner.

I would not mind a larger LCD than the E1 - E330 is fine.

Olympus E330 - a niche camera, excelent for beginners.

ISO performance of the E1 and E330 to both be inadequate.

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