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BLOCK: Tom, hes also - General Conway is also juxtaposing that reality that he's describing on the ground of U.S. troops being there for years with what he called dwindling support for the war among the U.S. public.

The Norse lasted in Greenland only about five hundred years, slowly dwindling from the historic record until they were forgotten.

Market consensus that Russian palladium stockpiles are dwindling is also giving the precious metal a boost.

The target will be the mighty moose, which has for too long roamed our northern forests in dwindling numbers with impunity.

The fact that MSM audiences in all media are dwindling is a direct challenge to that validation.

Despite the long-term dwindling readership currently hovering around 30,000, the new management team see a glittering future for the trusted brand - said to be the Queen's favoured read - with plans to roll out into other services such as insurance and travel.

So what’s with these diehard activists, who still show up dutifully, though in dwindling numbers, outside the Federal building on Ridge-McIntire every Thursday, taking the insults right along with the approving honks?

Regardless, it seems to be dwindling, that is, until the next hyped up drama from the msm.

The remaining pigs furnished sustenance for the dwindling akaanas, together with an occasional baby snatched up, and they were content to have their nameless sport with the single victim each moon.

In the _Anthropoidea_ alone of nonaquatic mammals the olfactory regions undergo an absolute (and not only relative, as in the _Carnivora_ and _Ungulata_) dwindling, which is equally shared by the human brain, in common with those of the other

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  • Sentence for "Dwindling"
  • Synonym for "Dwindling"
    • tapering, tapering off, dwindling away
  • Phrases for "Dwindling"
    • dwindling measurably, dwindling measurably, Baghdad's dwindling, Baghdad's dwindling, dwindling resources
  • Rhyme for "Dwindling"
    • kindling, pindling, rekindling, swindling
  • Equivalent for "Dwindling"
    • decreasing
  • Verb Stem for "Dwindling"
    • dwindle
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