Density in a sentence

Sentence with the word Density

The question supplies an important clue: the word "density."

The article does not say how the ultra high strength or higher density is achieved, I would expect it is with the addition of admixtures which can be hazardous to the environment and expensive.

When I asked how this could be she waxed a little wroth at what she called my density, and asked if I did not appreciate that we should have to move at any rate in a year or two in order to provide the children with a bedroom apiece.

He was surprised at what he called our density, and said the thing was all clear and simple to him.

As you remember before we got the resistivity on this log we had seen what we called a density to neutronic cross affect and if these sands had salicious or over growths of parts, that was sucking off the [frosting] then your frosting wouldn't be there.

There was good news on the keyword density front as searches with the word "density" in them were down (- 32. 91%).

(tries really hard not to call [Bill in Central District], who supports the suburbs, a NIMBY) "the myth that higher density is the solution" Pleast tell me in what way that's a myth.

To that end balancing sex ratios and population density is key.

The sea was covered by a fog, or, rather, by a pearly mist that was fog-like in density, in so far as it obstructed vision, but that was no more than a film on the sea, for the sun shot it through and filled it with a glowing radiance.

The blackness seemed suddenly to increase in density, and they stumbled up the beach, feeling their way to the gate.

Density is fun." "Density is important when finding the mass

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