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District Fire Chief James Michael said the man, who he declined to identify, was not breathing when the four-man team of firefighters - Lt. Peter Franggos, Steven Barton, Keith Gelinas and Tom Defina - found him on the floor of his burning apartment a little after midnight Monday.

The Westerly, just north of there, also opened recently, and has begun drawing neighbourhood diners, and to the south, a new wood-oven pizza joint called Pizzeria Defina - it's run by a fashion designer - has also been pulling in crowds.

Defina was ordered to leave the school because he wasn't allowed to take overtime and his shift ended during the meeting, according to testimony.

Defina was fired in September 2009 but won his job back 13 months later.

Under testimony, police administrators admitted pulling Defina out of an emergency meeting at the Cawley Middle School and not getting detectives to interview the young victim - whose nude picture was circulated via cell phone to peers - for seven days.

Karolian particularly took issue with the allegations against Defina that commissioners said were unsubstantiated, including untruthfulness.

McHugh and Karolian also ordered removal of documents for a second infraction, which had to do with Defina not reporting that a middle school student showed a green leafy substance - that turned out not to be marijuana - to another student.

Defina's meeting with school officials, on Dec. 11, 2008, occurred the same day he learned of an assault between two boys at the school.

For that infraction, police administrators ordered Defina undergo remedial training.

The disturbing details were unraveled one week ago during the second portion of Defina's grievance hearings, which he chose to keep open to the public.

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