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The 42-year-old, whose long and varied television career has also included hosting a prime time chat show called Davina, presenting Comic Relief and playing a bloodthirsty zombie in Dead Set, is now fronting a Sky1 talent show called Got To Dance.

So she didn't want it to be called Davina because she didn't want her name on it.

For reservations or more information, call Davina at 732-708 - 9013 or e-mail Dfeingold@thefortatsandyhook. net.

Witness the Diane von Furstenberg "Davina" Silk Chiffon Dress:

I suspect he is the lovechild of David Copperfield (no, not that one) and Davina Zincfield. on September 25, 2009 at 3: 51 pm Claustrophobic inspector

Transport provided home, with final interviews conducted by Davina.

Body to be interred in a private ceremony, streamed live on Channel 4 and with interviews of the mourners by Davina.

Fight to be broken up following pleas from Davina McCall, reminding attendees that they 'are live on Channel 4, please do not swear'.

Cortege arrives at Westminster Abbey, and is carried down the red carpet preceded by Davina McCall giving live coverage.

The Auditions shows will be hosted by Ant & Dec, and the the judging panel will include Davina McCall, Simon Cowell and HRH Prince Philip.

wow davina smelt good last night

Person 1: Dude how your night?! Person 2: Shit man I had this obese chick that stalked me all night. Person: DAMN!!! Looks like you got attacked by a Davina.

Yo, You still fucking kevin's mom?""Yeah man, she's still got that Davina.

davina that awsome chick

Damn, she really Davina'd her.

That girl is beautiful! She must be a Davina

I can really trust you, you're like a Davina."dude i fell in love with her in one second" "dam her name is probably Davina

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