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Greta Christina is the editor of Best Erotic Comics 2008, and the author of "Deprogramming," an erotic short story from my new anthology.

“My new daughter is known by the name Christina, holy one,” she said.

Mr. Emanuel will soon join Christina Romer, Peter Orszag and Larry Summers (who has become less visible than Dick Cheney) in the Obama alumni association.

Once again Christina Radish proves why she is one of the best interviewers out their: insightful questions that demonstrate her knowledge of the product!

They're like Ron and Christina from a few seasons back.

Dear Believer: Greta Christina is calling you out →

What do we care if Christina is the perfect woman for him and the odd face over the kissing in the tabloids was from another take entirely?

The reviews hit the nail on the head ... we can't care because Lady Christina is fluffy and the Doctor is an aimless drifter.

Announced OF Justin Christina was assigned to the team.

You have a second option, though, and it's this: Clue in Christina to the ethics of borrowing, then do whatever it takes to persuade her to pay for the damage to Jerry's van.

wow i really wanna hang out with christina today. she is so awesome!omg you are so cool! you must be a christina!

When Christina was listening to music in the empty seat, I nervously sat next to her. Christina's smile was as bright as the sun shining above me.

Christina - classic beauty

I would love to have a friend named Christina.

Everyone loves Christina.

Guy1: DAYM who's that??? Guy2: thats christina Guy1: I wanna get with her :D

christina and danny alone at night .. do the math

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